Main Considerations For Choosing The Right Car Towing Method

Ever wondered how towing companies determine how to tow their clients' cars?

When it comes to towing cars that have broken down or been damaged in an accident, towing companies recognize that different approaches are required to get the job done safely and correctly. They may need to tow your car on two wheels, on the rear of a flatbed truck, or with all four wheels of the towed vehicle touching the ground. Each car towing technique has specific pros and cons that make it work better for certain applications than others.

If you want to know what towing companies consider in determining which car towing method is best for your specific situation, you've come to the right place. Check out these few crucial considerations for choosing the right technique for individual car towing jobs.

The Condition Of The Car That Needs To Get Towed

One of the top factors that towing companies consider when choosing which towing method to use is the condition of the car that needs to be transported. 

Generally, they favor using car towing techniques that will minimize damage to their clients' vehicles. This is because car repair bills can add up quickly if a car suffers further damage while it is being towed. With that said, car towing methods that avoid the need to keep the wheels of the towed vehicle on the road are generally recommended. This means that flatbed towing is the safest option for cars.

However, there are situations when it makes sense to tow a car without lifting its wheels off the ground. For example, when a car is damaged beyond repair and needs to be written off.

The Distance Involved

Another crucial factor for consideration is the distance between the broken-down or wrecked car's current location and its intended destination. The greater the distance involved, the more the towing process poses a safety risk to other road users. Cars that need to be towed over long distances will require the use of the safest towing methods like flatbed towing.

Car towing with tow straps, tow chains, or tow dollies, on the other hand, tend to be better suited to short-distance towing jobs due to the minimal setup time involved. 

While it's possible to tow a car yourself, it's much better to use someone that's fully trained and has the specialized equipment required to do the job correctly and safely. If you ever find yourself in need of car towing assistance, don't hesitate to contact a towing company close to you.

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