Signs You Need To Take Your Car To The Transmission Shop

Is your vehicle showing signs of wear? Is your transmission about to fail? Do you need to take your car into the transmission shop? If this is something you're concerned about, visit your local transmission shop right away, especially if you notice any of the following things.

Leaking transmission fluid

Your transmission requires fluid to operate just like your engine does. If your vehicle is leaking transmission fluid, you need to visit the transmission shop for an inspection and get repairs done right away.

How can you tell if your transmission is leaking fluid? Transmission fluid is easy to spot because of its color: transmission fluid is a dark red color. Older transmission fluid may be darker, more like a burgundy or burnt orange, or even a purple color. If you see any red fluids leaking on your vehicle or engine, you need to go to the transmission shop immediately.

Jerking motions shifting gears

When your transmission slips, it starts to show operational wear and damage. Your transmission may be slipping if it makes a jerking motion when shifting gears, stalls, or makes a slower response when you accelerate — pay attention to this especially as your RPMs increase when you go uphill — or shows other signs of poor operation. A slipping transmission may need repairs, and if you get your car into a transmission shop fast enough, you may be able to avoid more extensive repairs in the future.

There are multiple reasons for a slipping transmission, so speak to a transmission shop specialist to see what's going on with your vehicle. A quick inspection should identify what's wrong.

Older transmission issues

Your older transmission may need to be flushed and refilled or may need a regular inspection. Transmissions can fail in as few as 100,000 miles of vehicle use but can last much longer if they get regular care and maintenance. If you're unsure of how old your transmission is or you don't remember the last time you had your transmission in particular serviced, then it's time to consider going to the transmission shop.

Your transmission shop specialist will inspect your vehicle to ensure it's sound and make repairs to the transmission as needed. Investing in your transmission by going to the transmission shop can save you a lot of money and allow you to get the most out of your vehicle. You'll get recommendations for how often you should have your transmission serviced by your service specialist.

For more information, contact a local transmission shop.